Chocolate linked to lower stroke and stroke mortality risk

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Good news for chocolate lovers: a review from researchers suggests higher chocolate consumption may be associated with a lower risk of stroke and stroke-related mortality.

The researchers reviewed the results of 2 cohort studies and found that individuals who consumed one serving of chocolate per week had a 22% reduction in stroke risk and those who consumed 50g of chocolate in a week had their stroke mortality reduced by 45%.

To make a more definite conclusion, investigators indicated that future prospective studies are required to identify the type of chocolate and the amount of flavonoids and other substances included to produce the stated benefits.  Since different types of chocolate contain different load of sugar and fats, the contents of these ingredients may negate the beneficial effects of chocolate. 

Sahib et. al.  American Academy of Neurology 2010 Annual Meeting; April 10-17. 2010

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