Former Smokers Protected from Lung Cancer by Eating Green Vegetables

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Experts generally agree that quitting smoking is of key importance in reducing the likelihood of getting lung cancer.  For those smokers who have already quitted, is there anything else they can do to further reduce their cancer risk? 

Now a new study funded by the National cancer Institue suggests that former smokers (as well as current ones) can be protected from lung cancer by eating a diet high in leafy green vegetable or folate.

The findings came from the analysis of data from the Lovelace Smokers Cohort, in which more than 1000 smokers and nonsmokers completed a questionnaire on their dietary habits and provided a sputum sample.  The team found that individuals who have a greater intake of leafy greens or folate and took multi-vitamins were less likely to have the change in genes that repair DNA or foster normal cell function.

Stidley CA et. al.  Cancer Res. 2010; 70[2]; 568-574

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