Whole Grain, Bran Intake Linked to Lower Mortality in Diabetic Women

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It is well known that patients with diabetes face up 2 to 3 times the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death compared to the general population.  To lower their risk of cardiovascular disease, patients are advised to exercise and to control their diet. 

A new study published in May 10, 2010 of Circulation indicated that the risk of mortality in type 2 diabetes can be reduced by taking whole grain and bran. 

As part of the Nurses’ Health Study, 7,822 US women with type 2 diabetes mellitus completed regularly administered questionnaires evaluating their dietary intakes.  During follow-up lasting up to 26 years, there were 852 all-cause deaths and 295 cardiovascular deaths.

At the end of the study, the investigators found that bran intake was associated with 6% to 38% reduction in all-cause mortality, depending on the amount of bran consumption.  Furthermore, bran intake was also associated with 5% to 35% reduction in cardiovascular mortality. 

This study is the first one to show that whole grain and particularly bran can reduce death and cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients. 

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Source: online May, Circulation, 2010

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