Sitting Increases the Risk of Death?

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Cat drawingIf you think sitting more and moving less can make you live longer, you might like to think again…

In the 14-year study published in the American Journal of epidemiology, researchers found that people who spent at least 6 hours (excluding work) of their daily leisure time sitting died sooner than people who sat less than 3 hours.

Furthermore, people who both sit a lot and exercise little are at even higher risk of death.

The study was based on the daily activities of 53,440 U.S. men and 69,776 women who were 50-74 years old.   The study began in 1992 and study participants were asked about the length of time they spent each day on sitting (watching television, reading, etc.).

The researchers found that, sitting more than six hours a day increased the death rate by about 40% in women and 20% in men, when compared with sitting less than three hours a day.

The main causes of death associated with sitting more were cancer death and death due to heart disease.  It is very possible that sitting for a long time affect the proper circulation of blood and the response of immune system.

Source: American Journal of Epidemiology, published online July 22, 2010

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