Black Tea Can Prevent Lung Cancer?

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Black tea prevents nonsmokers from having lung cancer while milk and dairy products help deter lung cancer in smokers, according to research presented at CHEST 2010: American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting. 

The researchers conducted interviews and analysis on 533 female lung cancer patients and 1,971 control subjects. 

The researchers found that milk/diary products, vegetables, apples, wine and physical exercise were able to reduce the risk of lung cancer by 43%, 40%, 31%, 23%, 41% respectively.   None of these factors, however, were protective for nonsmokers. 

Instead, nonsmokers gained a protective effect from black tea (a 34% reduction in risk of lung cancer after drinking black tea). 

We have known that nonsmokers have a lower risk of having lung cancer.  If you are a nonsmoker and would like to further reduce your odds of getting lung cancer, you might like to consider drinking black tea such as Pu’erh tea. 

Source: CHEST 2010: American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting: Abstract 9365. Presented November 2, 2010.

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