Soy Intake Lowers Recurrence of Hormone-Sensitive Breast Cancers

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The intake of soy isoflavones among women with breast cancer has become a public health concern since these compounds have been found to have weak estrogenic effects.  

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, however, suggested soy intake could prevent the recurrence of hormone-sensitive breast cancer. 

The investigators evaluated associations between dietary intake of soy isoflavones and breast cancer recurrence and mortality among 524 patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer between August 2002 and July 2003 and who were receiving adjuvant endocrine therapy. 

After a median follow-up of 5.1 years, postmenopausal patients who had the highest intake of soy isoflavone had 33% lower risk of recurrence than those in the lowest intake. 

This study indicated that high dietary intake of soy isoflavones was associated with lower risk of recurrence among postmenopausal patients with breast cancer positive for estrogen and progesterone receptor and those who were receiving anastrozole as endocrine therapy.  

The results of this study might have implication on future recommendation of the intake of soy isoflavones in conjunction with endocrine therapy. 

Source: CMAJ. Published online October 18, 2010. 

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