How to Get Rid of Toddlers Cough when Cough Syrup does not Work?

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Infants and toddlers have narrow airways and are prone to cough when they have bronchitis or respiratory infections. 

The most common symptoms associated with bronchitis or respiratory infections are cough that comes with phlegm.  It is important to distinguish bronchitis from respiratory bacteria infections (usually associated with greenish or yellowish sputum) since the later condition requires antibiotics treatment. 

For infants and toddlers who have acute or chronic bronchitis, physicians usually prescribe short term bronchodilators such as montelukast sodium (Singular) and salbutamol (Ventolin).  However, there are times when infants or toddlers do not respond to those medicine. 

When your children has used all the western medicine and still have phlegm, you might like to try Chinese herbal medicine.  

Although Po Ying Compound is indicated to relieve cough and phlegm in infants and children, it is not the best Chinese herbal formula for cough.  The best Chinese herbal formula to get rid of cough with phlegm is Monkey Bezoar Powder. 

Monkey Bezoar Powder contains Monkey Caculus Mulattae Macaae and is derived from the gallstone of the monkey.  It is indicated to clear excessive phlegm, relieve cough and asthmatic bronchitis.  It is especially suitable for infants and children suffering from chronic cough. 

I have used it few times on my children.  Every time, I used it on my children, the phlegm cleared away after 2 to 3 doses.  

The dosage for Monkey Bezoar Powder is:

–         Infant under 3 months old- half a bottle a day

–         3 months and older – one bottle a day

–         Adults- two bottles a day 

You simply pour the powder into lukewarm water, stir it well and drink. 

If the infants or children still have cough with phlegm after 3 days, you should stop the medicine and bring your children to see the doctors.  Also, children under age 1 year or younger should not use the product consecutively for more than a week.  

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