How to Shorten the Duration of Cold Symptoms?

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The winter is coming and many of us are going to catch the cold this year.  How can we shorten the duration of cold symptoms? 

A study published in the Open Respiratory Medicine Journal reported that high-dose, but not low-dose, zinc lozenges can shorten the duration of the common cold. 

The author of the study reviewed all clinical trials conducted on zinc lozenges and evaluated whether the dose of zinc had any effect on the duration of cold. 

The investigators found that taking zinc dose of less than 75 mg has no effect on common cold duration, whereas taking zinc acetate in daily doses exceeding 75 mg showed a 42% reduction in the duration of colds.  

However, those who took zinc salt other than acetate has a smaller benefit in reducing the duration of colds (~20% reduction). 

This study showed that the zinc lozenge was effective to shorten the duration of common cold duration.  However, individuals needed to take at least 75mg per dose before they could see any meaningful results. 

Source: Open Respiratory Medicine Journal, 2011 

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