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A New Method to Treat Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain

If you are cancer patients and have to receive chemotherapy agents such as taxanes (paclitaxol- Taxol and docetaxel-Taxotere), vinca alkaloids (vinorelbine-Navelbine) and platinum compounds (cisplatin, carboplatin – Paraplatin and oxaliplatin – Eloxatin), it is likely that you might experience chemotherapy … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation from Recurring Without Taking Medicine?

If you are taking anti-arrhythmic medicine such as amiodarone (Cordarone), flecainide (Tambocor), sotalol (Betapace) and propefanone (Rhythmol), but still experience episodes of atrial fibrillation, what can you do?  A new study published at the Journal of Electrical Cardiology 2011 suggested acupuncture … Continue reading

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Tai Chi Increased Efficacy of Antidepressant Therapy in Older Adults

Like acupuncture(針灸), Tai Chi (太極拳) was known to improve blood circulation and stimulate the central nervous system.  A new study now reported that adding Tai Chi to antidepressant therapy (such as escitalopram, Lexapro) can improve resilience, quality of life, and … Continue reading

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