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A New Method to Treat Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain

If you are cancer patients and have to receive chemotherapy agents such as taxanes (paclitaxol- Taxol and docetaxel-Taxotere), vinca alkaloids (vinorelbine-Navelbine) and platinum compounds (cisplatin, carboplatin – Paraplatin and oxaliplatin – Eloxatin), it is likely that you might experience chemotherapy … Continue reading

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Afatinib Extend Time to Tumor Progression in Advanced Lung Cancer

Currently, no treatment exists for lung cancer patients with epidermal growth-factor receptor (EGFR) mutation who have failed tyrosine kinase inhibitors, getifinib (Iressa) or erlotinib (Tarceva).  However, an investigational drug, afatinib (BIBW 2992), was recently found to increase progression-free survival and … Continue reading

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