Hypertension may lead to dementia in older adults

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Hypertension appears to predict progression to dementia in older adults with cognitive deficiency (ability to plan and initiate/inhibit complex behaviors), according to a report published in the February 2010 issue of the Archives of Neurology.

The analysis was based on data from the Canadian study of Health and Aging that included 990 adults, average age 83, who had cognitive impairment but no dementia.

After a follow-up of five-years, investigators found that 58% of the seniors with high blood pressure and cognitive deficiency progressed to dementia, vs. 28% of those with cognitive deficiency but without hypertension.

Since dementia place a large burden on patients, family and society, the author suggested actively treating hypertension in this group of patients to delay progression of dementia.

Oveisgharan S. et. al.  Arch Neurol 2010; 67: 187-192.

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