Grow Your Hair Back with Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Rogaine (Minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) are the 2 most popular western medicines to treat hair loss.  However, not all patients respond to these medicines and some patients might develop unwarranted side-effects such as libido and dermatological reactions.  For those patients, Chinese Medicine might be the appropriate solution. 

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the main causes of hair loss and “greying” is due to the lack of blood supplying essential nutrients to the head.  The lack of blood supply is, in turn is due to poor kidney functions and lack of blood storage inside the liver.  Kidney and liver are 2 key organs which are involved in the development and storage of blood and other nutrients. 

It is important, therefore, to treat hair problems by restoring good liver and kidney functions, and replenishing the blood.  Other factors that contribute to hair loss and ‘greying’ include the lack of “yin” and the retention of heat in the blood.  A product that can restore the kidney and liver to produce and store the blood should be able to treat hair loss and greying effectively. 

Herbal For Hair Formula is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula that contains serveral herbs.  The main ingredients in this formular are Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata (何首烏) and Radix Rehmanniae Preparata (熟地黃).

These two ingredients are known to restore the kidney and liver function and to replenish the blood supply.  The improved circulation allows the hair follicles to better absorb nutrients and to regrow or maintain the hair.   

The recommended dosage of Herbal For Hair Formula is two capsules twice daily but the person has to take the medicine for 2 or more months (which is the time it takes for more herbal medicine to work) before beneficial effects occur. 

I have tried it before.  It did stop my hair from falling out.  Most importantly, it did not appear to have any side-effects. 

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