How to Deal with Fatigue Related to Breast Cancer?

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If you are a breast cancer survivor, there is 30% of chance that you might experience fatigue which affects your quality of life.  What can you do then? 

A small new study finds that doing yoga might help restore some lost energy. 

In the current study, investigators randomized 31 breast cancer survivors to participate in either two 90-minute Inyengar yoga classes every week or a two-hour health class once a week. 

The group taking the health classes experienced about the same amount of fatigue and energy throughout the study period. However, the group taking the yoga class reported about a 26% drop in fatigue and a 55% increase in energy after the 12-week yoga regimen. 

Furthermore, the women in the yoga group continued to report significant improvements in fatigue levels three months after the classes stopped. 

The investigator postulated that gaining a sense of control over one’s physical body, when one has a disease like breast cancer, might have important benefit. 

It has been well documented that exercise such as yoga is beneficial to improve the well-being of an individual.  Whether you are sick or not, it is smart to keep exercise regularly.

Source: Cancer 2011 

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